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Alcoholism Treatment

Addiction is a progressive and complex brain disease, and in order to successfully address and overcome addiction; it is recommended to seek professional help by a licensed substance abuse facility.  The treatment plans, support, and encouragement that are found in our alcohol treatment programs, will give them the best chance of achieving meaningful long-term recovery.

If you or someone you love is caught in the tight grip of alcoholic addiction, we understand the weight of the struggle and emotional toll it takes on everybody.  We specialize in healing not only the individual, but also the family members involved.  Often times alcohol addiction tears families apart.  

There is no doubt that addiction treatment programs are the basic foundation for successful recovery, and trying to find the perfect drug rehab that fits your specific needs can be a frustrating challenge because of the life threatening alcohol withdrawal symptoms.  With all the treatment options that lay before you, knowing where to turn and who you can talk to can be difficult.  Thats why we make it as easy as possible to get the help you need and deserve.  Just about everyone knows that alcohol is addictive. Though, alcohol is a legal substance. Many people don't realize how quickly alcohol addiction can take over their lives and leave a trail of damage in its wake.

There's a thin line between drinking heavily every once in awhile and a dangerous path that leads to deadly alcoholism

How Casual Drinking Leads To Alcohol Addiction

There are many myths surrounding alcoholism. For example, many people think that they can't be addicted if they only drink beer.

Others think an occasional glass of wine can never lead to addiction. It's important to understand that hard liquor isn't the only substance that can lea d to alcoholism.  In fact Addiction is a brain disease that can be caused by anything.  Many people have addiction symptoms with no substance abuse whatsoever.  Any substance can be abused and cause problems in life.  When people ask "How do I know if I have a problem?"  The answer is, are you happy and is your life unmanageable?

Beer Addiction.

Beer is a social drink, people often consume beer during sports events or at other social gatherings. This makes it seem harmless under the shadow of hard liquor compared to the percentage of alcohol it contains.

It's true that beer has low alcohol content when you compare it to other types of alcohol.  Beers alcohol by volume (ABV) is two to twelve percent for most brands.The vast majority of beer labels only have four to six percent alcohol. But the truth is beer can still lead to alcohol addiction, especially when someone is drinking for a longer duration of time.  Other problematic behaviors that can lead to beer addiction include drinking as a social crutch and to avoid boredom, regardless of time of day or present company.

Wine Addiction

Wine alcoholism can be confusing. So, health-oriented articles say wine is good for you, on the other hand, the substance can lead to alcoholism. The key to wine, like any alcohol, is drinking in moderation.  However most addicts and alcoholics cannot drink in moderation.  Alcoholics lack the fortitude needed to turn off their drinking like normal people.  If they were able to just stop drinking like normal people, then they would not be alcoholics. If you find yourself or your loved-one drinking alone, it may also be time to seek help.

Liquor Addiction "Hard Alcohol"

Hard alcohol, known as liquor, includes vodka, gin,whiskey, rum, tequila, etc...

When you compare liquor to beer and wine, liquor is known to be the most potent form of alcohol.  Most people mix liquor with soda, water, or juice. By doing so, they don't realize how much they're drinking per serving.

Drinking liquor early in the day, at the end of each day, or in large volumes several times per week can increases the likelihood of alcoholism.

How Binge Drinking Leads To Alcohol Addiction

Binge drinking is a common activity in certain social groups.  Research states that college student, sports fans, nightclub goers and others may drink five or more alcoholic drinks within a short period of time. this impairing judgement and making bad decisions.

Although people drink this way to feel like they're having more fun, binge drinking is actually alcohol abuse in one of its most dangerous forms.

Help For Addiction to Alcohol or Drugs

At Wisdom Treatment Centers, our experienced staff and licensed therapists help patients heal both the physical and emotional wounds caused by alcohol use.  Each of our specialist work closely with each patient to create a special treatment plan to fit their needs.  No matter your age, lifestyle or community, anybody can develop an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Your life may spin out of control while you struggle with the damaging impacts of alcohol withdrawal symptoms.  If you look around you now, you may see the damage for what it is: Alcohol Addiction.

Poor health, Work problems, and Money problems could be a result of alcoholic addiction.  If you see these problems in your life and know alcohol or drugs are the source, you may need substance abuse treatment.

With the help of our quality rehab facility offering dual diagnosis treatment for alcoholic addiction, you have the power to put your life back together and free from dreaded alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

For more information about our program, please call or visit us to get a free consultation or advice.

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