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Luxury, Medically-Assisted Detoxification at WISDOM

At Wisdom Treatment Center’s drug and alcohol detoxification program, your wellbeing and comfort is our highest concern. We recognize that before you begin a new, sober life free of addiction that you must first triumph over any physical dependency your body may have developed over time. Wisdoms detox program is the ideal transition from addiction/alcoholism into healing, and ultimately a life of long-term recovery.

Do I Need Detox?

If you have been using a particular mood or mind-altering substance for an extended period, chances are you have become physiologically dependent on that specific substance. Abruptly stopping use can cause withdrawal symptoms, which can be relentlessly painful. In the case of severe benzodiazepine or alcohol abuse, abrupt stopping without medical assistance can also be life-threatening. Even though there are a few addictive substances that do not lead to heightened withdrawal symptoms, even these drugs can have severe psychological effects, such as anxiety, insomnia, depression, intense cravings, and panic attacks. To safely and successfully end drug or alcohol misuse the best method of recovery starts with professional medication assisted intervention in the form of an inpatient detoxification program, such as offered here at Wisdom Treatment Center.

What Is Detox?

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Treatment often referred to as “detox” for short, is typically a limited period typically 5-7 days of inpatient observation and symptomatic treatment intended to lessen the severity of withdrawals, protect the health and well-being of the client, and assist the transition into an addiction therapy program and recovery in general. 

Upon entering detox, a client’s general health is assessed and monitored throughout their stay. A regiment of medication and holistic practices are prescribed, based upon the findings of the medical doctors and treatment team to help flush the body of contaminants and manage withdrawal symptoms. These medications can include buprenorphine (Suboxone, Subutex) for opioid addiction, comfort medications like chlordiazepoxide or lorazepam, and clonidine to help with spiking blood pressure, among other remedies. The specific length of stay and course of treatment is different for everyone and depends upon factors like personal history, duration of use, and other health issues. Clients typically taper off of their medication course of therapy during their stay in detox, although some clients may stay on medications longer, if it is deemed essential to their long-term recovery goals.

Detox at WISDOM Treatment Center

Our professional staff understands that when it comes to substance use, even though the type of drug and level of utilization may be the same for most people, our clients’ individual needs are not. At Wisdom we make getting help a private, dignified experience. Instead of detoxing in a hospital atmosphere, clients at Wisdom can detox in one of our elegant, refined, and comfortable treatment centers, making you feel welcome and safe which is essential on your road to long-term recovery. With our modern and entertaining motif, you're sure to benefit from your stay with us. Along with the full suite of luxurious services, clients at Wisdom Detox still receive round-the-clock monitoring and access to medical personnel as they would in a more institutional setting.

Upon arriving at Wisdom, you will be given a full assessment by our addiction specialist , and from that assessment, a custom-made treatment plan will be created that best suits your exact needs. While you relax at our discreet detox home, our treatment team will monitor your vital signs every few hours to ensure your well-being. Our physician partners are available 24/7 to respond to any needs that may arise during detox.

Many treatment programs often thrust clients into full program involvement before the acute detox phase is complete, which can be incredibly overwhelming. At Wisdom Treatment Center we are exceedingly receptive to the fact that everyone’s detox is singular, and we will only encourage you to take part in program activities when you are entirely ready.

What Happens after Detox?

Deciding to change your life is a stressful situation; coordinating the steps to make that change should not have to be. Part of our mission at Wisdom Treatment is to make the process, from when you first contact us until completion of treatment, as picture perfect as possible. Most clients at Wisdom Treatment move into our residential inpatient program, where they receive cutting-edge therapies to continue the healing course they began in detox.

Wisdom is distinctive in that our detox and inpatient treatment areas are centralized in one location. Consequently, our clients transition into the inpatient program from detox as soon as they feel ready. Clients can start involvement in the activities and therapies of Wisdom Treatment while they are still undergoing a course of medication,  we allow you to progress at a pace you are entirely comfortable. We offer this comprehensive detox/inpatient treatment since our many years of experience has shown this method is most beneficial to the overall peacefulness of our clients. At Wisdom Treatment, there is no need for relocation and re-adjustment to receive both detox and residential addiction treatment.

Whether you choose to only complete the detox, or both the detox and residential inpatient treatment, you will leave Wisdom Treatment prepared with an all-inclusive aftercare plan. Your personalized discharge diagram may include referrals to outpatient programs, medical specialists, and support groups. Once you complete the full course of treatment at Wisdom, we are confident that you will have learned the necessary tools to live a new life removed from addiction.

The good news is, there is no harm in trying out the processes since most of them are completely harmless.

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