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Intensive Outpatient

Drug and substance abuse can be real trouble for you and the people you love. However, you can take control of your own life. There is no reason something else should take control of your life.

If it happens though, maybe it wasn’t your intention, but circumstances pushed you to it, you need to find a way to get back your life. The first step towards recovery is accepting your situation rather than living in denial. Once you take this step, you will be encouraged to find a solution through treatments that can get you cleaned.

There are many ways to get enrolled into treatment. For example, you can get into inpatient or outpatient programs at the hospital or rehab centers. However, different conditions demand a different type of treatment.

Intensive outpatient program (IOP) is another very effective method of treating addiction. It is a quite effective treatment that primarily handles eating disorders, depression, self-harm and chemical dependency.

This treatment may be recommended for those who do not need to be medically supervised while going through detox. It helps people undergoing recovery process to continue on the same path.

Deciding to start rebuilding your life is very important. This process will get you back to your relationship with your family and friends. You have the ability and opportunity to establish a strong foundation for long-term recovery support in your locality.

Activities involved with IOP

The primary way through which you will receive treatment is through group therapy. In some situations, however, you can be assigned an individual therapist so you can get more personalized treatments. In such a situation, you will meet your therapist at least once a week. Groups, in general, don’t exceed ten people.

There are many areas covered during the session. Among them are the ones listed below.

  • Post-acute withdrawal syndrome
  • Skills to prevent a relapse
  • Cravings and urges management strategies
  • You get to understand the brain chemistry of addiction
  • Progression of the addiction disease
  • You will be introduced to the 12 steps
  • Spirituality and spiritual uplifting
  • Introduction to different stages of change
  • Focus on co-curricular, effects of addiction and ways to recovery
  • You will also find family education programs that are aimed at getting the family and society to help the addict in the recovery progress.

Importance of the IOP services

  1. It helps you maintain the ability to support your family

Going through the phase of recovery can be quite demanding. Sometimes you are expected to leave everything else behind to attend to treatment. If you get checked into rehab for inpatient treatment, for example, you are not allowed to leave until you are fully recovered.

IOP offers you the opportunity to get treatment right from your home as you attend to the needs of your family members. You do not need to leave anything behind as long as you are enrolled. If you have young children, they will still get your attention as they even encourage you to take the therapy seriously.

  1. Close family friends are with you all the way

One of the best ways to recover from substance abuse for many people involves staying around their loved ones. Isolation is one of the largest threats that face addiction victims. During the IOP, you get the opportunity to mingle with other people going through the same situation as you. You may realize even that some are having it tougher than you.

By socializing normally with the community, you start looking at life differently as you realize there are other people to care about other than yourself. The secret is to understand that you need other people and they need you too. Through the program, therefore, you create a strong network of sober family and friends. You will keep watching every step you take.

  1. Your privacy is important

The risk and fear of getting embarrassed are one of the most significant roadblocks for a recovery journey. Many addicts will instead live in denial of their situations that admit and face the judgmental eyes of society. Any moment of shame can prevent patients from enrolling in recovery programs.

If it is privacy that you require, dealing with professional will offer you more than you ask for. All therapists are trained to respect and highly hold your privacy. They aim to get you to the root of discovery and anything that can jeopardize that is highly forbidden.

The recovery communities you will work with are usually people going through the same process as you. They are therefore not willing to risk their privacy. You know those that know you.

  1. Save on money

Addiction treatment therapies are usually costly. Some will cost you and your family more than what you can afford. This is one of the challenges that face most addicts and the give up easily. The cost of IOP is significantly low, that is why most people will prefer it.

If you don’t want to spend too much on treatment for your condition, outpatient is the way to go. Many people find it more feasible.

  1. You get to build a community with others

Having a strong community of peers is one of the strongest pillars for recovery. Through the program, you can experience a deep sense of family and friends that understand you better. They are people you will probably live with for the rest of the period even after you have fully recovered.

You have the opportunity to start developing this community from the first day you start the program. After that, you continue with them, and you feel proud of how they come along. It is a great asset for long term sobriety.

  1. You don’t have to leave school or work

It is hard for many people to simply uproot their lives and stop working or going to school. This is what you will be expected to do if you have to attend therapy. IOP gives you great flexibility. Though you may have to take some time off, you will still have the ability to carry out your responsibility.

  1. You can work out your own schedule

Planning your schedule for other activities is never easy. Planning your life is even better. Whenever you wake up in the morning following a schedule, you will be creating a good plan for yourself. Once you get into the system, you won’t easily abandon it again.

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