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Partial Hospitalization

There are several ways to treat patients who have addiction problems. All these methods have been set aside for specific extents of addiction. Those who face constant cravings for the substances they are addicted to like alcohol are advised to go for inpatient treatment. Those who still have some sense of self-control will go for outpatient treatment therapies. The secret is to get a professional to assess your situation and give your proper recommendation if you are not able to do it on your own.

There is a middle group, those who don’t need inpatient or outpatient treatment. Your doctor may recommend partial hospitalization for you. In this case, patients who are considering partial hospitalization will be more at ease if they know what to expect at the center. It feels better to get into a program with a clear understanding of what to expect there.

As usual, starting a new program may be overwhelming and partial hospitalization is no difference. While preparing for the rehab, choosing the correct method may not be as easy as it may sound. The patient usually struggles with the decision making in their minds especially if they are uncertain of what takes place during the program.

The good news is; you don’t have to go in blindly anymore. With technology and different sources of information available, you can read as many materials as you want so that you can enroll in the program with a prepared mind. It is important to know what to expect in partial hospital programs. When you that, you will make a schedule for proper commitment to the program. There is no way you will feel like stopping along the way when you understand everything.

This is why this guide will take you through a few things to expect at a partial hospital program.

What is a Partial Hospital Program (PHP)?

Getting the full understanding of the term PHP is necessary. It will not make any sense to get into a program that you have no clue of what it is.

PHP is a treatment method that works like an overall method for others; it is an option that stands between full hospitalization and outpatient treatment. The treatment bundles up the best inpatient therapy; however, the patients have the freedom to live independently. This means patients may decide to work from home while receiving the best treatment with full observation as though they were fully on an inpatient program.

It can be held in different locations as the patient chooses or as recommended by the doctor. There are those who prefer to hold the treatment at the hospital and those that find it best to do it at the rehab center.

For inpatient case, the patient will stay at the hospital the whole day and night under 24/7 intensive care. For the PHP case, the patient can choose only to utilize the better part of the day and stay at home during the night. The aim is to help patients stick to a routine in their lives. It could be a new routine they are trying to acquire.

How do you fit PHP into a custom program?

If you have a range of custom treatment programs, PHP becomes even easier since you have the freedom to fit it into them. Those patients that are struggling with substance addiction but feel like they don’t have a severe addiction may find PHP just enough for them. This can help them through breaking through and embracing sobriety with ease.

It is not just when you have the problem that you resort to PHP. Sometimes, once you get out of a rehab successfully, there are temptations of a relapse. PHP can be the best transition strategy between an inpatient therapies and regain your life for a sober living. PHP delivery methods are founded on accountability, and it will include most of the daily routine of residential therapy.

What is a day like in a PHP program?

There are beauty and satisfaction in understanding what your day will be like as you get into the program. It is even better because the experience can vary from patient to patient and between rehab centers. You may have to expect a slightly different program depending on the place you choose to have your therapy; hospital or rehab center. The programs are however flexible enough to accommodate any range of needs.

Generally, a typical day for you will include a range of activities that are well planned and scheduled. The following are some of the most common activities.

  • Group counseling sessions where you join a group and you are given tasks to perform. In the groups, you are encouraged to share your stories with others even as you listen to them too. It is good for moral support since you have people who are in the same situation as you.
  • One-on-one therapy- Here, you get a trained therapist to have an individual session with you. It is more of a focused treatment than the group session. It is only you and your therapist, and you can share anything.
  • Fitness therapies- Your body and mind will need to be stimulated from time to time. You need to have a clear mind for the session to be successful for this reason; physical therapy is encouraged to stimulate your body and mind.
  • Nutritious meals- You are going to be introduced to meals in a social setting that are nutritious to help your body regain its balance.
  • Education lecturers- This is the whole point of PHP. There are sharing sessions where patients present items to the other group members.

Benefits of PHP

Partial hospitalization programs have quite some benefits. The most common ones include accountability in which you follow up on the progress of your recovery. You get exposed to a better social environment necessary for a positive view of life.

The abundance of resources you get exposed to is nothing but a perfect environment for sobriety. Last but not list you get used to a regular structure. You wake up with a plan every morning knowing where you want to go and what you want to do.

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