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Road to sobriety

Are you considering joining an outpatient treatment for your drug addiction? Or do you have a family or friend seeking medical help to recover from drug a substance addiction? If your answer is yes to these questions, you should consider outpatient treatment for continued support.

It could be easy for an individual to decide to go for treatment but finding the correct way to do it may be a bit overwhelming. There are many people across the globe with these problems that have created a high need for the establishment of rehab and medical facilities.

To identify the best plan for yourself, you need to, first of all, know the extent of the damage to your body and relationship with others. Once you have established this, you can then decide to find the right center near you.

This does not go without saying that, people fight with accepting their conditions. It will not be of any use to get help to someone who is not willing to get it. If you believe you can, then you will get it done.

Family and friend can be the best ingredient for any patient. Whenever they get encouragement from them, patients will feel more connected and will start behaving properly according to society.

What is outpatient rehab?

Outpatient rehab is the perfect solution for addiction recovery process. The reason is, patients get to receive attention from both professionals and family members. They get support from every part of their lives. The program encompasses both drug addiction and alcoholism.  While living at home, They get to attend day treatment during the day and then go home in the evening to be with family.

The design of outpatient rehab is focused on treating all types of disorders. These include alcohol use disorders. The program does NOT, however, include supervised, inpatient residential care. This means the recovery of the patient relies fully on their own efforts and those of family and friends.

In medical terms, the word outpatient simply means a patient who is not hospitalized overnight but visits a hospital, clinic or any facility associated with their condition.

The program allows patients to come and participate in treatment during the day but stay at home during the night. The program offers more freedom to patients for other things during their free time and attends therapies only at convenient times.

For those who are just beginning the therapy, it is advisable to attend the sessions on a daily basis with your therapist. Once you start to realize progress, the therapist or clinical staff may recommend part-time sessions; say once or twice a week.

How long does the outpatient program take?

The good news about outpatient treatment is that it works with those who are not severely addicted. It does not take that long and is less costly. Basically, the treatment will take about 3 to 4 months to complete fully.

Even so, the program does not stop at the time of full recovery. Patients will continue to attend therapy sessions for up to a year. This is to ensure that the patient is fully recovered and there is no sign of a relapse. Relapses are the worst setback to a drug addict. It comes with full force, and the conditions could be worse than what it was treated initially.

In essence, outpatient rehab is a lifelong experience. You go through the therapy every day as you interact with other people. The idea is to stay on the right path for the rest of your life and make sure there is no relapse. So, until you are feeling completely out of danger, it is advisable to continue the therapy.

Outpatient treatment is more intense during the first few months because most patients are more vulnerable to relapse during this time.

What is included in the outpatient therapy?

Basically, the program will include weekly:

  • One-on-one therapy with a therapist. This helps establish a good relationship with the therapist and may give you a better chance at proper recovery.
  • Medication management. This is important for co-occurring disorders after the treatment as directed by the physician.
  • Group and family therapy sessions. These are sessions that help the patient rebuilt their relationship with others.
  • Recreational therapy. You will need a sound body and mind to receive adequate treatment. Recreational therapy is important to revitalize your body and mind.
  • Relapse prevention. This is the most important part of the therapy since a relapse can be very lethal.
  • If there is any need, you will also be exposed to sober living housing.

A high degree of dedication is expected for every individual patient. This is because there is no supervision or close monitoring like inpatient cases. Each person is accountable for their own treatment. Perhaps this is what makes the treatment quite useful. You take control of your own life, and when you succeed, the chances of a relapse are very low.

When is outpatient treatment recommended?

Getting out of an addiction is not that easy. You will have to go through a lot of challenges and going on it alone cannot be the best idea. For this reason, it will not be proper to start your treatments on it.

Before you start outpatient treatment, you want to rid the drugs from your system completely. Outpatient rehab is therefore recommended for people who do not require an inpatient program. Also, those who are medically stable and have proved the capability of continuing medication without close supervision can take the program.

What benefits do you get from outpatient therapy?

  • The program requires less time and money to complete, meaning it saves you in your pocket.
  • You get to continue with your normal daily life. This gives you greater privacy as you don’t have to disclose to anyone what you are doing.
  • You hold yourself liable for your own progress. This means you have greater autonomy than any other form of therapy. However, when you feel like you need medical assistance, you can always get it.
  • There is collective support. The chances of a relapse are completely reduced as you work with groups and family for a support network.


If you have a loved one that is struggling with drug addiction, outpatient rehab can be the best solution for them.  It helps them overcome the mental and emotional issues involved with substance abuse. However, it does not help them rid their bodies of drugs and alcohol. The best way to start is by calling our helpline now!

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