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Barsalou Center for Addiction Studies (BCAS) Barsalou Center for Addiction Studies (BCAS)

3031 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA 91504

The Barsalou Center for Addiction Studies (BCAS) has built a program in postgraduate training and research that has become its signature achievement. The program, which continues today, has trained more than 110 postdoctoral researchers in its 15-year history. BCAS Faculty and trainees have created powerful ways of developing and evaluating various addiction treatments, which allows us to inform our clients about the value of treatment and recovery programs. The scientific understanding of addiction is our passion and applying our research to our treatment centers’ rehab units enables us to be one of the top-rated treatment and rehab centers in the world. Over the next 30 years, it will be advances in science and empirically based treatments, that will advance the fight against addiction.

At The Barsalou Center for Addiction Studies, our foundation is built upon the mission of easing the pain of the afflicted and their families by restoring health, hope, and relationships.

BCAS’s  mission is to change the lives of all persons seeking help who have been affected by drug and alcohol addiction by using verified, evidence-based, all-inclusive and custom-made behavioral care.

At the Barsalou Center for Addiction Studies, we understand that addiction is complicated, and so too are the people we help, that’s why we not only tackle the individual addictions, at the same time we address any physical, psychological, or general health issues since they all play a role in substance abuse disorders.

 We don’t just design programs to treat alcohol and drug addiction; we address every problem that clients and their families face completing our mission of easing the pain those suffering from substance abuse while restoring health, hope, and relationships.

The Barsalou Center for Addiction Studies is just one step in your recovery, connecting with our partnered treatment centers is the first step in starting your recovery journey.  BCAS understands that each of our clients has personal needs. We meet your requirements with treatment options that are personalized. Our clients, long-term success in the recovery process is our highest priority, and our staff works together with every client to provide the support needed to undertake the demanding tasks of recovery. Recovery is not easy. It takes courage and dedication. We provide care and instill personal value and worth to our clients empowering them to create lasting change in their lives. Our staff combines talent with empathy to motivate and care for all who suffer from addiction.

At each The Barsalou Center for Addiction Studies, our primary focus has always been to promote and teach the tools necessary for the continued development of a recovery based lifestyle which is essential for continued sobriety. Alone and in partnership with Wisdom Treatment Centers we offer surroundings that encourage self-care, responsibility, and accountability. We plan our treatment around service, recreation, structure, and friendship.

The Barsalou Center for Addiction Studies and our partner drug and alcohol rehab centers present all the style and luxury that California is world famous for with amenities and a success rate far better than industry standards.  We are pleased to provide not only the best sober living environment in Los Angeles, but also extended care mentoring, state-of-the-art drug testing, and specialized sober companioning throughout the United States.‚Äč Our luxury drug rehab and alcohol rehab program provides intensive one-on-one therapy, cutting-edge clinical and holistic treatments and first-class amenities.

About The Barsalou Center for Addiction Studies

The BCAS is backed by Wisdom Treatment Centers and assists in providing the nation’s leading Dual Diagnosis and Co-Occurring disorder Residential Substance Dependence Treatment Program. Our highly regarded clinical professionals have developed our individualized rehab facility programming for individuals who want or need to do the more in-depth and more intensive psychological work.

Our Highly-Trained Primary Therapists’ specialize in working therapeutically with persons that are suffering from trauma, guilt, unresolved loss, emotional distress, shame and humiliation, relapse prevention and addiction.

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