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Case Study: Choosing Life, without Drugs and Alcohol, Part 2

“The person I spoke to knew my story. It finally clicked for me. I needed help and here was a way I could get it.”

Initially, Silas decided to go to a treatment center in California for 10 days. That quickly turned into 30, then 45, then 60. The more he learned about the disease of addiction and how to treat it, the more he realized that recovery was not just about abstinence from substances. It was about doing the work required to change his life and the way of thinking that led him into the endless loop of using and depression. In addition to therapy and group counseling for dealing with behavioral issues and negative thought patterns, he learned that recovery is an ongoing process. He joined a 12-step group as a way of maintaining sobriety through the 12-step program and creating a network of sober friends whom he could rely own for help when he needed it and for whom he could show up when his help was needed.

After 60 days in treatment, he noticed a change. He rediscovered his faith in God. He realized that his higher power didn’t have to be the vengeful, punishing God of his youth, one for which he would never measure up, but a loving God  which he could trust with his life and his sobriety. Heeding the advice of the treatment center and his new sober friends, he decided to stay in California and work on his new life without drugs and alcohol. He realized that he no longer need to make decisions based on fear and uncertainty about the future, he was no longer trapped in a double life from which there seemed no way out. He was no longer a slave to his addiction and the negative thoughts which had kept him from having hope and realizing his potential.

After 69 days in residential treatment, Silas made the transition to Wisdom Sober living. Here he could continue with group and individual therapies, continue developing a sober network through his 12-step program, and make plans for living the life that he always knew he wanted to live.

“I don’t have to live a double life, to live a lie. i’m discovering who I am and I’m ok with what I’ve learned about myself so far. I have a job that lets me work with other addicts, I have a life and goals and aspirations that I can be proud of. One day at a time.” 

Silas is going back to school to pursue his dreams. He doesn’t live a double life..he lives as Silas, even though he is sometimes still discovering who Silas is. But it’s a journey of hope and discovery, one that wouldn’t have been possible before he got sober. He works with other addicts to help them see their potential. To other young people who may be going through the same experience of feeling trapped by drugs and alcohol Silas encourages them to not give up.

“Death is the easy way out. Living life is the challenge that we all were born to face. Remove yourself from toxic environments and don’t get comfortable with the idea that you aren’t good enough. Give yourself a chance to see what you can contribute to the world. You may be surprised with the results. Seek treatment in a safe place, away from old influences and habits and consider how what you are doing is affecting not only yourself but also the people around you. Life can be so much better. This journey hasn’t always been easy, but one thing I’ve learned its that if you take time and allow yourself to see that there are

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