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What Is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction which also known as alcoholism, is a disease that affects people of all walks of life and requires special treatment program in order to recover from it.

Experts have tried to pinpoint factors like genetics, race, sex or socioeconomics that may predispose someone to addict on alcohol and the search is still on.

It's very important to note that alcoholism is a real disease.

It may cause changes to the brain and neurochemistry, so a person with an alcohol addiction may not be able to control their actions.

Alcohol addiction can be shown in a variety of ways. The severity of the disease, how often someone drinks, and the alcohol they consume varies from person to person.

While some people drink heavily all day, others binge drink and then stay sober for a while.

Regardless of how the addiction looks, someone typically has an alcohol addiction if they rely on drinking and can't stay sober for an extended period of time and can relapse after alcoholism treatment program.

Possible Symptoms of Alcoholic Addiction

Alcohol addiction can be difficult to recognize. Unlike cocaine or heroin, alcohol is widely available and accepted in many cultures.

It's often at the center of social situations and closely linked to celebrations and enjoyment.
Some symptoms of alcohol addiction are:

  • Increased frequency or quantity of use.
  • High tolerance for alcohol, or lack of "hangover" symptoms.
  • Drinking at inappropriate times and plcase, such as first thing in the morning, or in church or work.
  • Wanting to be where alcohol is and avoiding situations where there is none.
  • Changes in friendships; someone with an alcohol addiction may choose friends who also drink.
  • Avoiding contact with loved ones.
  • Hiding alcohol, or hiding while drinking.
  • Dependence on alcohol to function in everyday life.
  • Increased lethargy, depression, or other emotional issues.
  • Legal or professional problems such as an arrest or loss of a job.

As an addiction tends to get worse over time, it's important to look for early warning signs. If identified and treated early, someone with an alcohol addiction may be able to avoid major consequences of the disease.

How to treat alcoholic addiction

Treating alcohol addiction can be complex and challenging, in order for treatment to work, we urge the person with an alcohol addiction to get sober.

You can't force them to stop drinking if they aren't ready. So the recovery process for alcoholism is a lifetime commitment.

There isn't a quick fix and it involves daily care. For this reason, many people say alcohol addiction is never cured even after attending alcoholism treatment program.

Rehab Process

A common treatment option for someone with an alcohol addiction is outpatient or inpatient alcoholism treatment program.

Alcohol addiction may involve several different alcoholism treatment program.

It's important that each person get involved in alcoholism treatment program that will support long-term sobriety.

This could mean an emphasis on therapy for someone who is depressed, or inpatient treatment for someone with severe withdrawal symptoms.

What Is the Outlook for Alcoholism?

Early treatment of alcoholism is most effective. Addictions that have gone on longer are harder to break. But long-term addictions can be successfully treated as well.

Friends and family members of people who have an alcohol addiction can benefit from professional support or by joining programs like Al-Anon.

Seeking Alcohol Addiction Recovery

After rehab, the freed addict should continue to access support groups and recovery resources.

Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most well-known support groups for people in recovery from alcohol addiction to sober living homes, vocational training and family counseling can aid a person's transition back to society after treatment.

These resources increase a person's ability to find their purpose, connect with the community and rebuild relationships.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcoholism treatment program is a self-diagnosable condition. But many people struggle to recognize the symptoms.

You can determine if you have a mild, moderate or severe alcohol use disorder by taking a simple quiz.

Alcohol rehab can help people overcome alcohol withdrawal in a safe setting. Substance abuse counselors can ease the experience with around-the-clock care and monitoring.

Wisdom Treatment Center teaches people how to live without alcohol.

At Wisdom Treatment Center. We offer counseling and therapy as it helps people find motivation for entering rehab.

Also to gather positive reinforcement and learn to overcome underlying causes of alcohol addiction.

Wisdom Treatment Rehab facilities also offer Alcoholism Treatment Medications that help people abstain from drinking excessively.

If you or your loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction

We can help you get started on your path to recovery and gaining back your normal life.

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