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Hamlin Recovery Hamlin Recovery

Van Nuys, CA 91411

Abstinence programs are not for everyone.  At Hamlin Recovery we understand progress is not only defined by total abstinence. Sometimes we have to face the reality that staying alive is better than overdosing and dying.

Most Drug addicts have an authority issue, so telling them to be 100% abstinent is often the straw that breaks the camels back. 

Hamlin Recovery is a state-of-the-art alcohol and drug rehab center located in Southern California and one of the premier treatment facilities in the U.S specializing in Cannabis assisted therapy(CAT). We are firmly committed to endorsing and aiding in the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse deaths. To do this, we serve clients from all over the country with new all natural and homeopathic addiction treatment methods. Our alcohol and drug treatment facility is located in picturesque Los angeles County, California where clients can enjoy warm weather, ocean views, and an outstanding support system and recovery community.

We believe that drug and alcohol addiction is a preventable disease. This is supported by results from a recent research study funded by the Barsalou Center for Addiction Studies (BCAS) and The National Institute of Drug Abuse, which showed that prevention programs involving families, schools, communities, and the media are extremely effective in reducing drug and alcohol abuse. However, we do understand that many events and cultural factors affect drug and alcohol abuse trends.

Most Treatment centers do not involve the family.  Addiction is a family disease. This is the only disease where the family suffers just as much as the addict and/or alcoholic.  Understanding the dynamics behind this family disease is imperative in overcoming the pattern of abuse.  Through years of studying people and the human behavior experts who founded Hamlin Recovery,  we have found the family is one of the most imnportant pieces to the puzzle of overcoming addiction and substance abuse. 

"I realized, with all the overdoses and deaths from opioids, There must be an alternative to total abstinence. This is why we started this CBD program" - AB

We have found that when faced with the harm reduction model of cannabis therapy combined with group therapy, individual counselling, psychotherapy, as well as trauma therapy, the patient is able to buy time and prevent another overdose to allow their brain to reset itself chemically.  

When we do drugs, our brain is chemically unbalanced.

If you or someone you Love or Know is struggling with addiction and has had failed in his treatment attempt, the time to take action is now. Overdoses are on the rise and statistically the number is steadily rising 400% a year.  

Only once we bring the problem into the light, can we start to heal.  

Addiction is like a fungus, the longer it is kept in the dark, the bigger the problem will become - AB

Our goals and promise to you:

1.) Understands the egregious harm drug use has on not just themselves, but their family and community. 

2.) Has knowledge of multiple paths to recovery, including total abstinence, 12 Step recovery, harm minimization, and options for mutual help organizations. 

3.) Has knowledge of the vital importance of the physiological aspects of recovery. They further understand their own body's need for proper diet and exercise and can sustain that knowledge with actions and habits. 

4.) Has a commitment to service in the community, not limited to the recovery community but to their own passions and interests. 

5.) Has knowledge of where to seek help and has willingness to ask for it. 

6.) Has a deep understanding that a self-defined recovery is a process, rife with victories and defeats and an understanding that success is conditional on the willingness to keep striving for improvement. 

7.) Has respect for the medical process, the opinion of mental health professionals, and a willingness to follow recovery community recommendations. 

8.) Has an internalized understanding that no one improves alone and has developed the skills to combat isolative behaviors. 

9.) Has an individual working definition of what recovery means to them and an actionable comprehensive plan to sustain this recovery, make ongoing personal improvements and continue to grow. 

10.) Has a fundamental awareness of the "Safety First!" concept. They understand that no one finds any measure of recovery if they are dead. 

11.) Has the ability to accept "No" as an answer, tolerate feelings of discomfort, differentiate between fact and opinion. Has an understanding of their right to self-determine and the capability to accept the consequences of those choices.

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