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  • Alexandra Handy
    2018-07-08 Barsalou Center for Addiction Studies (BCAS)

    Life changing experience!! Top notch facility, the staff is very helpful and very comforting. From day 1, I feel like I was brought in to a second family. These people really want to help drug addicts overcome their addiction. I would definitely recommend this place to a loved one. They will show you how to live your life clean the rest is up to you.

  • Aaron Gurley
    2018-07-08 Goldwing Recovery

    Wisdom is one of the best SLE’s I’ve been to. The supportive environment that is provided at wisdom cannot be compared to any other treatment centers. The counselors are knowledgeable and kind and always work for your best interest. I’ve been to the big scale sober livings and this is the best I’ve been to.

    I saw a negative comment and it sounds like that guy has a personal vendetta. I have had nothing but good experiences there. You can’t please everyone and some are sicker than others.

  • Tim Schendel
    2018-07-08 Hamlin Recovery

    Excellent staff and communication is top notch. My clients have been to multiple other facilities. Out of proven therapy, Wisdom Sober Living has results.

  • Ted D
    2018-03-15 Now Addiction Centers

    The counseling and safe environment that Wisdom provides is top notch. I've been to 6 different treatment centers, and this place is great. Grass roots approach and I thoroughly got alot of life skills out of this program.

  • Nino Brown
    2018-03-14 Now Addiction Centers
  • Aram Zakaryan
    2018-01-02 Goldwing Recovery

    Counseling & Mental Health, Rehabilitation Center

  • Nicholas Markel
    2017-07-11 Barsalou Center for Addiction Studies (BCAS)

    One of my greatest life experiences in so many ways. The counselors and staff were very compassionate and helpful. Thanks again Wisdom Sober Living!!! I'm finally clean!

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