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Many addicted individuals have tried to quit their use of drugs and or alcohol on their own, some [decidedly less in numbers] have success in stopping their addiction, but sadly most fail without professional help. At Wisdom Treatment Center, we employ a comprehensive treatment regimen that is proven to provide long-lasting recovery and a life free from addiction.

At Wisdom we focus the treatment not only on ones physical and mental health but also address all related health issues. Our Clients have success rates among the highest in the recovery industry. At Wisdom, we work with each client to develop a unique treatment track designed to fit their specific, individual needs. With the right steps, anyone can get the proper treatment for his or her addiction.

Wisdom Treatment Centers realize that treatment for drug addiction is very complicated, but with the right help and support addiction is managable. 

Wisdom Offers:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) which helps the individual recognize reasons for their addiction, allowing him or her to understand their attitudes and thoughts about drug addiction.  CBT teaches how to cope with tempting situations regarding drug addiction.

Motivational Interviewing – which monitors our client's motivation to quit. Motivational interviewing is essential and continual throughout treatment.

Contingency Management – In this type of therapy, Wisdom's professional therapist’ provide positive reinforcements encourage our clients to stay committed to recovery. 

Multidimensional Family Therapy – These therapy sessions are managed by the client’s primary therapist and include the client at Wisdom and his or her immediate family members, such as parents, spouse, significant other, or adult children. Topics covered include aftercare plans, enhancing communication, and discovering unhealthy family dynamics. We also offer our clients with family out of the area, a weekly conference call or Skype family therapy sessions.

Group Therapy- Wisdom's Group therapy is also very useful in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Group therapy provides camaraderie making our clients feel that he or she is not alone, there are many people like him/her. The feeling of not being alone gives positive attitude towards life and boosts the drive to quit the addiction. Sharing with group members helps individuals cope with their situation and provides a healthy social life.  

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