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What to expect in rehab

The first step to healing from drug addiction is accepting that you have a problem. Once you accept yourself and the situation you are in, you will start identifying yourself with programs that help you get back on the track.

You can compare your life to a formula one race. You are ok as long as you are running on the right track and it will be easy to beat your opponents. However, there are several times you will slip from the late and find yourself completely off. Now that does not mean that you have left the race or the racing track. Getting back and even winning depends on how fast you realize you have messed and slipped back to the track.

This is the same application with a life of addiction. You had a normal life that was interrupted by a certain habit that becomes a problem for you. Now, realizing that you have messed up somewhere will prompt you to seek a comeback.

The best way to come back from an addiction is to visit a rehabilitation center. The reason why many people may find this hard is that they have no clue what goes on behind the closed doors. This does not have to be the situation though. In this article, we are going to look at a few things to expect in a rehab. These tips are not to discourage but to help you get into rehab prepared.

Expect to meet incredible people

Ooh yes! A detox will definitely leave you looking back at the incredible moments. There are very high chances that you will meet that you will not cut contact with easily. Leaving a rehab is never a guarantee that you are not going to have a relapse. However, the people you meet can sometimes be the greatest source of inspiration to keep you out of trouble.

The people that were or are in the same situation as you can be an incredible source of strength for you. There is always the difficult question of now what, after the sessions. Those at the therapy place are paid to do their job, and it does not extend to the field. If therefore you want to see better days, peer support could be the perfect gateway.

There could be a problem though, sadly, not all of the people you meet at the sessions will remain sober. For this reason, you need to be aware of the influence they put on you. You could also be the help they need on their road to full recovery.

Expect to face a significant challenge

Rehabs are never easy, but they are really helpful. The reason is, people in your group, as well as the counselors, have a job to call you on your shit. This could be a bit embarrassing to some people, but it helps you let out all that troubles you.

Consider this; sometimes you could be so distressed that you just feel like shouting at the top of the world. Once you do this, the pressure inside you is often released completely. In rehab, you are in the same situation, only that here you don’t have to shout at the top of your voice but talk.

People will challenge you to do more. This is so usually when they feel like you are holding back. They will encourage you to do more in your recovery when they feel like you are not doing enough. Sometimes it is quite difficult to come in terms with what you have become and share it.

As you keep listening to others share their stories, you start to get the feeling that you are not that bad. It is part of the process of hearing your personal problems from others who are complete strangers to you. It may be hard at the beginning but expect it to get easier as the days go by.

Expect to change

The reason why you have chosen to go to rehab is that you are looking to change your toxic life. You want to pull your friends and family back and have a healthy relationship with them. Change in this context means real huge change.

You will start to look at life from a different perspective once you join the rehab. Sometimes the things taught and those you hear from your peers will have a definite impact on you. They begin to sink in your mind. Where you were a closed person, you begin to open up more and invite others into your life.

You simply set your life back on the cause. Drugs take you away from your happy moments, and when you attend the rehab, you begin to win them back. At the beginning of the session, you may feel like you don’t want to be treated, but in the end, you don’t feel like stopping.

Expect a huge bill

Many people may not want to tell you this, but the process takes time and money. Treatment is not easy and you are going to have to work hard for it.

You may feel like giving up

Someone may find this point no very motivating, which is true. However, the road to discovery needs to be more realistic and truthful. There are moments you may feel like shouting “to hell with it.” The process of sobriety can at times feel so looming; it may seem too hard and too impossible.

These are essential steps and slopes on the road to recovery. The more you achieve them, the more you feel grateful for the far you have come.

Expect it to be a bumpy ride

There are many times you will go to the therapy session and find yourself very uncomfortable. You may continue to have moments of disbelief throughout the session.

The good news is, the terminologies and conversations will become normal to you as time progress. Sooner or later, you will adapt.


It is amazing how hard it to put up a building but very easy to bring it down. The road to recovery is thus, very easy to fall into a relapse but hard to sober. The key is to set goals for your process and things will run more smoothly.

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