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Treating Addiction: What to Expect at Rehab

In the beginning, drugs and alcohol were the solution for helping you cope. But eventually, that solution stopped working and the consequences got worse—you were a slave to your addiction, wondering if there was any way out. Faced with the prospect of continuing to use until the end, or doing something about your dependence on drugs and alcohol, you found the courage to change and are ready to enter a treatment facility — rehab.

What’s Rehab like?

As you take these first steps in recovery, you may wonder what treatment is like. What should you expect? What happens day to day? What techniques will you learn to help you live a sober, productive life? Moreover, how will you learn to cope, and to live without the substances that have become a central part of you life?

One thing to know right off the bat is that most people who enter treatment come to find that they are not alone. There are others there ready to greet you who have had similar experiences and can help you adjust, because they’ve been where you are.  You will find companionship, learn to smile, and start to have fun without the dark cloud of addiction hanging over your head.

You will begin the healing process and start to grow personally and emotionally. Rehab is a safe place where you can learn to live again, feel emotions, confront the guilt and shame that burden so many of us — all without the the negative influence of mood- and mind-altering substances. Treatment is designed to help you heal with the support and compassion of your peers and helpful, professional staff and therapists. In a typical day you may:

  • Attend group therapy
  • Meet individually with a therapist
  • Rediscover personal interests
  • Attend a 12-step meeting or other self-help program
  • Work out at the gym

The key to treatment is structure. Within its structured environment, you can begin healing the mind, making healthy choices, and prepare for reintegrating into a productive life.

Wisdom Treatment specializes in the treatment and recovery of substance use disorders. We help clients overcome drug and alcohol addiction by combining individual and group therapy, 12-step programs, and sober community living. We also specialize in referrals for detox and residential treatment. If you or someone you know needs our help, contact us today at 1-424-208-9829.

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